Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones is one of the stars of Space Cowboys and his character has plenty of personality that really sparks against the other leads. The actor has enjoyed a long career and played starring roles in a large number of hit movies. Here are sodownloadme fun facts about Tommy Lee Jones:

  • Although fans are likely to admire Tommy Lee Jones’ professionalism and smooth delivery of lines, it may come as a surprise to learn that his talent is completely natural and he has never taken an acting class in his life.
  • TLJ went to Harvard University and was roommates with Al Gore, who remains his close friend to this day.
  • When he is not making movies, Tommy Lee Jones works as a cattle rancher and actually owns a three thousand acre cattle ranch near San Antonio in the state of Texas.
  • It seems that Tommy Lee Jones excels at almost everything he does and after he deiced to raise polo ponies he joined a team that went on to win the Western Challenge Cup that was held by the Polo Association in 1993.
  • Tommy Lee Jones is also a budding writer and in fact many of the most memorable lines that his various characters have uttered in movies have been penned by him.
  • TLJ also speaks Spanish fluently, although this skill has never really been utilized in his movies as yet.
  • Tommy Lee Jones always has his finger on the pulse and has bought the movie rights to a number of projects, with the most famous being the novel Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy.
  • TLJ is good friends with the director Oliver Stone and the pair share the same birthday.
  • Although many people have played the role of Howard Hughes over the years including Leonardo DiCaprio, TLJ is the only person from Texas to have stepped into the shoes of the aviation tycoon.