The Best Festivals to Visit if you are a Movie Fan

For someone who is passionate about the excitement that the big screen can bring there is no better place on earth than a movie festival. Instead of buying a ticket to see just on movie you get the opportunity to see various movies, usually spread out over multiple days. And where as that most regular cinemas limit themselves to the major blockbusters, at festivals you get the chance to see the lesser know but equally great smaller productions. So get your popcorn ready to find out about the best festivals a movie freak can visit.

shutterstock_99465395Big European Festivals

Of course everyone is familiar with the Cannes Film Festival, which has major importance for European based productions. However since this event has a bit of an exclusive air to it it might not be the best place to go as a regular film fan. A more accessible but still major festival would be the Berlin International Film Festival. It is held simultaneously with the European Film Market, which is a great place for aspiring film makers to meet producers, financiers and other people from the industry. Curious about other major film events? You can find more festivals on

Smaller but Equally Great

But not only big events are interesting for true film lovers. Smaller film festivals could be just the place to go to to find out about that amazing but quite unknown small movie production that you otherwise would not have heard about. Examples of such festivals are the Dutch Rotterdam Film Festival and the Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia. But Europe is not the only place to go, the USA also has its fair share of events that are worth while. The Atlanta Film Festival and the Austin Film Festival are definitively a must see. After all it is not only Hollywood that counts.