Space Cowboy Goofs and Mistakes

Fans of Space Cowboys spacecowboysledeare sure to have watched it over and over again and one of the great things about this movie is that you notice new things each time you see it. However, nothing is perfect and in fact there are a number of goofs and mistakes in the movie that only those who have a very sharp eye may have picked up on. Check out some of the top errors and see if you can pick them out next time you watch Space Cowboys.

The opening scenes of the movie are set in 1958 and Hawkins and Corvin are shown flying a Bell X-2. However, the X-2 program was actually scrapped in 1956 because of a fatal accident, so they would not have access to this model

In one scene, Hawk reminisces about meeting his wife in a fiberglass porta-potty when he was 17. However, this is actually impossible as we know that Hawk was working as a test pilot in 1958 and the fiberglass porta-potty was not launched until the 1970s.

The character of Tank Sullivan is portrayed as being a Baptist minister, which gives him an interesting character quirk. In the movie he can be heard praying to Saint Mary when things get tense. However, Baptists do not pray to saints and this is actually the role of Catholic Christians.

The character of Jerry is portrayed as being so blind that he needs to wear his glasses at all times. However, Jerry’s eyesight seems to miraculously improve during one scene when he is able to fine tune a computer panel without his specs.

It seems that the actors that astronauts Roger and Ethan are not as good at playing ‘dead’ as they were supposed to be. They are scripted as being unconscious during the landing, although when the rescue system throws them out of the Space Shuttle we can see that they are fully conscious.