Meet the Cast of Space Cowboys

One of the things that made Space Cowboys such a big hit when it was first released and has managed to maintain its popularity for more than a decade is the movie’s star studded cast. Each actor in the movie has been perfectly cast in their roles and delivers plenty of special moments. While the actors are especially likely to appeal to the older generation, their brightly burning shining lights mean that younger people can also enjoy them.

One thing of note is that each character is played both by established actors and by younger actors and it is interesting comparing the different sides of the characters and seeing how they have aged. Here is an overview of the main actors who star in Space Cowboys and the roles that they play:

  • Clint Eastwood pladownloadys the role of Colonel Francis D. Corvin, who is more commonly known as Frank during the movie.
  • Toby Stephens is cast as the younger version of Frank.
  • Tommy Lee Jones takes on the role of Colonel William Hawkins, who is known to his friends as Hawk.
  • Eli Craig plays the role of young Hawk at the start of the movie.
  • Donald Sutherland really shines in the role of Captain Jerry O’Neill.
  • John Mallory Asher can be seen playing young Jerry.
  • James Garner swaggers onto the screen as Captain the Reverend Sullivan and is called Tank by his friends.
  • Matt McColm takes on the role of young Tank.
  • Marcia Gay Harden takes on one of the few prominent female roles in the movie as Sara Holland.
  • William Devane stars as Flight Director Eugene Davis and is nicknamed Gene.
  • Loren Dean plays the role of Ethan Glance.
  • Courtney b. Vance was cast in the role of Roger Hines.
  • James Cromwell plays Bob Gerson.
  • Billie Worley plays the role of the young Bob.